Best Coast @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

I was moderately unimpressed with what little of Best Coast’s songs I’d heard, but that didn’t stop me from checking out her set at Pitchfork. Glad I did. Part of her appeal is probably her goofy charm (to the crowd who waited through the rain: “Thanks for getting wet… that’s what she said.”) but mostly it was just her good set. I really enjoyed her set, especially her performance of “Sun Was High.” Gotta give this one another chance.

2 thoughts on “Best Coast @ Pitchfork 7.18.10”

  1. I’m going to give it another try but was quite unimpressed at first…

    By the way if you like live music, is streaming live concerts form “Les Francofolies de Spa” :

    The 23/07 : Arid
    The 24/07 : Marie Warnant
    The 25/07 : Phantom Ft. Lio


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