Wolf Parade @ Pitchfork 7.17.10

I’ve enjoyed every Wolf Parade album they’ve released, but man seeing them live just drives home how great that first record and EP are. Hearing “This Heart’s On Fire” and “Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts” were definite festival highlights. But I knew that already. I’ve seen Wolf Parade before and had my mind blown by those very same songs. The crazy thing is how much I found myself enjoying all the new material. “What Did My Lover Say” sounded like strong, classic Wolf Parade; I’d love to hear it thump away as a set-closer one day.

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2 thoughts on “Wolf Parade @ Pitchfork 7.17.10”

  1. Keep hearing of Wolf Parade, but just can’t seem to make it to one of their shows! I need to get with them so we can work something out with our schedules! =)


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