Robyn @ Pitchfork 7.17.10

Before Robyn took the stage, I told a fellow photographer that I was pretty sure this would be one of those sets where I later listened to more of the band’s music and regretted not being more familiar with them (her) when I saw the show. Two minutes in, I knew that would be the case. Robyn puts on a fantastic show. She’s like the white Janelle Monae. Even though I didn’t know any of the songs she played while I was there, I loved them nonetheless.

Now my mission is clear: study up on Robyn’s CDs and see her again as a more knowledgeable and more prepared fan.


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9 thoughts on “Robyn @ Pitchfork 7.17.10”

  1. i think her music is generally hit or miss. however, “with every heartbeat” and her collaboration with royksopp on “the girl and the robot” are great!

  2. Why does this blog send people who know nothing about music to cover artists’ performances at a festival?

    Might as well not have any coverage!

  3. adorno: its impossible to keep up with everyone… and trying to stay out front of pitchfork all the time has got to be an exhausting job in and of itself…. “this blog” is only one dude… and this coverage made me listen to this music and although its not my jam, the coverage did that much….
    matt: crotch shots? eh?

  4. noooo wayyyyy i totally listened to her in middle school and totally have her CD from the 90’s. i’m sure you’ll want to borrow this gem.

    and also, i second what andrew says.

  5. Fembot! the new album is really good pop ala Annie.

    Fun stuff, this show was my favorite of the day. I didn’t go in a huge Robyn fan and now I am.

  6. Adorno: It’s been just me running this blog for almost six years. Sorry I don’t have a deep knowledge of every band at every festival.

    Andrew: Haha. Yeah, she did a fair amount of crotch-based actions.

    Pam: Of course I want to borrow it!

  7. I’m going to have to side with Adorno on this issue. Unless a person is familiar with every note a particular artist or performer has every sang or played or thought about singing or playing, then that person is utter incapable of commenting on the performance said commentor witnesses. After all, on what basis can a person review a particular performance when all he or she saw was the performance itself. Utterly absurd. Also, if you have personally smelled the performers farts, you should probably refrain from commenting on the performers performance.

  8. I just want to say that I just stumbled upon your blog (from looking at your profile on myspace via The Apples in Stereo). I think it’s awesome, and I’m definitely going to be checking up because you’ve mentioned two groups that I really like.. including Robyn.

    She does have some great songs. I remember her back when she came out with “Show Me Love” in the 90s and then I heard her song “You Can’t Handle Me” right before I went on a month long trip to Europe. I couldn’t stop putting it on repeat and I can see how she could put on a fun performance.

    Anyway, keep up the good work ;) Love the photos.

  9. Nice seeing you at the festival Matt!
    I am really enjoying seeing all the photos you have posted so far! Robyn was one of my highlights. When you get a chance… you should listen to “cry when you get older”… I love that song! See you at the other big shows around town! I’m sure you’ll be at GBV in a few months! My boyfriend got us tickets! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

    I appreciate all of your efforts with this blog. It’s done extremely well and I appreciate reading about your new band discoveries!


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