the Flaming Lips @ Forecastle 7.11.10

I’ve always said it: the Flaming Lips are the key to instant success with any festival. The Lips have spent years building up a huge fan base and an even bigger live show — and both were out in full force at Sunday’s show.

Unfortunately there are definitely diminishing results when it comes to the Flaming Lips’ show. Having seen them three times now, I realized that the impact of their craziness wears off just slightly. However, I’d rather see them a fourth time than most any other band no matter how many times I’ve seen them. And really, the amount of effort they spend trying to deliver a top-notch show is enviable. Each song involves giant hands, grizzly bears, smoke machine microphones or ungodly amounts of confetti.

And when a band is putting this much effort into their show, it tends to make up for any flaws and turn the whole thing into a grand production. The songs on Embryonic that I didn’t really enjoy sounded a ton better in Wayne’s hands on stage. “Silver Trembling Hands” was fantastic, as did “I Can Be A Frog.” And all the classics that I’ve loved for years sounded as good as they always have. Unfortunately we didn’t get any rarities like last time (“Bad Days”), but it’s hard to complain when the regular songs are some of my favorites of the past couple decades.

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5 thoughts on “the Flaming Lips @ Forecastle 7.11.10”

  1. Thanks for the photos! Amazing show, as always, but did something about it seem kind of OFF to you? Very well could have been the healthy addition of Embryonic songs in the set.

  2. Man, I thought my Lips photos were good. Yours are the best :)

    I feel like Wayne’s in-between song banter and ‘crowd coaching’ seems to have reached new heights of excess recently, but yeah, as always, the show completely ruled.

  3. Appreciate the visuals…I believe for most upcoming artists out there, mastering “Live Performances” is becoming a lost art. It’s good to know that some still know how to put on a KICK ASS show (and you had proof to show it)!

    And like you, there’s only been one other band that I’ve seen multiple times because they’re performance was AWESOME! (Dirty Wormz out of Austin, TX)

    So let’s stay on the hunt for great performances and keep the posts coming!


  4. Your best photos yet. Too bad I missed you there this year. Didn’t get into the photo pit at all…stuck in the interview tent all weekend…you should come up there next time to say hi

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