Sleigh Bells @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

Sleigh Bells had easily some of the biggest buzz of the festival going into their Pitchfork performance. That’s why I had to run from Big Boi’s performance to the other end of the fest to make sure I got a good spot in the pit for Sleigh Bells. They took a while to set up, but the crowd was pretty good natured through the whole thing. I even heard one of my favorite quotes of the fest, when a front-row fan described Sleigh Bells to a security worker: “I would say she yells more than screams — they’re two distinct singing styles.”

My only complaint about Sleigh Bells’ otherwise great show is that I don’t really see why they haven’t expanded to have three members when they play live. Would it really be a bother to lug around drums or even a laptop to cue up their samples? But still, it was a minor complaint when their live show still manages to be fairly powerful with just the duo.

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[VIDEO] Of Montreal + Solange Knowles perform “Sex Karma” on Fallon

Oh man. Of Montreal sure know how to do it up. Here’s the video of of them performing “Sex Karma” with Solange Knowles. Best chorus he’s written in a while? I’m tempted to say so.

Check below for a video of Of Montreal playing “Coquet Coquette” as a Fallon bonus!

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[MP3] new Jens Lekman: “The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love”

If there’s one thing that seems to always ease the hearts of those on my facebook and twitter list, it’s the announcement of a new Jens Lekman song. Like a weaker version of Morrissey, Jens tends to inspire some very strong devotion from his fans. And it’s for a good reason — Jens is a really great songwriter.

Now we’ve got another new track to enjoy. It’s not indicative of a new record — it was recorded in 2008 — but it’s great to hear new material no matter what the situation. “The End of the World is Bigger Than Love” was recorded by Jens at the end of some bad romantic times and definitely reflects that. Download it below for the price of your email address and share in Jens’ emotion.

Check below for the personal details supplied by Jens about the genesis of this track.

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Big Boi @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

Going into the photo pit, the photographers were split into two groups. The first went in for the first song, the second group for the second song. I decided to hold back and wait to be in the second group and man am I glad I did. Big Boi’s second song was the Outkast favorite “Rosa Parks,” followed by “So Fresh, So Clean.” I was absolutely in heaven. The only way it could have gotten any better is if I was seeing a proper Outkast show — and with their next album allegedly coming out Summer of 2011, that might be a real possibility.

Major Lazer @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

It’s Major Lazer, baby! I don’t know what I expected Major Lazer’s show to be like… but I pretty much got nothing right. Diplo DJed (including vocal tracks) and Skerrit Bwoy was the most insane hype man I’ve ever seen. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about the show (other than it was awesome) that these photos don’t show. So enjoy the sex, tunes and alcohol of a Major Lazer show…

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St Vincent @ Pitchfork 7.18.10

As I was leaving Pitchfork toward the end of Pavement’s set, Matt the Ice Cream Man introduced me to one of the members of St Vincent’s backing band. I asked him what instrument he played, noting that I pretty much just focused on Annie. His reply: “I think that’s kind of the point.”

St Vincent writes some great music, but part of the fun of her shows is seeing the joy clearly visible all over Annie’s face. She loves what she does and she’s great at it. Everything sounded great. We got great takes on “Save Me,” “Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood,” “Actor Out of Work” and a particularly hectic/beautiful version of “Your Lips Are Red.” I missed the middle of her set, so I don’t know if we got any new songs, but I can’t wait to hear new material from her.

[MP3] new Lissie: “Bully”

Thanks to MFR for pointing us to the lead single from Lissie’s upcoming record Catching a Tiger.

MP3: Lissie – Bully
I really loved Lissie’s debut EP, but from the sounds of “Bully,” her full length might take the cake. It’s still recommended for Neko Case fans, but I’d also say that anyone wishing Joanna Newsom didn’t sound like an elf would be wise to check this out too.

Lissie on Myspace