[MP3] Mount Carmel: “Livin Like I Wanna”

I found Mount Carmel’s CD in a stack at the record store where I work and decided to pop it in on a whim. Probably the best blind listen I’ve had in a while.

MP3: Mount Carmel – Livin Like I Wanna
Mount Carmel’s s/t record sounds like the guys are big fans of Black Sabbath and the Black Keys. Tracks like “Livin Like I Wanna” lean heavily on the distorted blue-rock riffs that have made both those other groups famous — and they do it pretty well.

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One thought on “[MP3] Mount Carmel: “Livin Like I Wanna””

  1. hey man why haven’t you or the other indie blogs i follow talked about the new sslyby songs.

    sink/let it sway is kinda boring like a plain, default sslyby song. i dunno how new cardinal rules is but that’s a much better one.

    so yeah.

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