[PHOTOS] Kevin Barnes + Jon Brion recording False Priest

Three months ago I took a trip to LA to photograph Kevin Barnes and Jon Brion working on the new Of Montreal record False Priest. I only got to be in the recording studio for a little bit, but made the most of my time there. What little material I heard sounded great and Kevin and Jon couldn’t have been nicer. I could have sat there all day and listened to Jon talk about the mastering on Beatles and A Tribe Called Quest albums, but unfortunately I had to come back to the Bluegrass.

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14 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Kevin Barnes + Jon Brion recording False Priest

  1. Michael: Kevin records most of the stuff for the albums. But yeah, I don’t think the rest of the band joined him in LA

  2. awesome! how’d you get that gig?

    as for other members being in the studio, i think that’s true: however i saw that other people besides kevin/jon were on the record though; at least, i know that matt chamberlain tracked some drums for it.

  3. When do we get to hear something? Very exciting, even if it looks like Jon is mainly drinking coffee and fixing Kevin’s bass.

  4. I was half-joking. I know Kevin records most of the stuff on his own; I’ve just always been curious what the arrangement is with the bandmates. There really hasn’t been that much turnover in the touring band over the years considering the rest of the group doesn’t seem to have much to do with the writing or recording, to say nothing of the aesthetic changes in the music over time. I guess they get to flex those muscles with side projects.

    Anyway, when I heard descriptions of how this record would sound, my first thought was “this sounds like a full-band recording.” I’d be really interested in hearing a record with the current lineup. This is not to say I’m unhappy with how they’re currently doing things.

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