[MP3] Hula Hoop: “Ladies (Let’s Go)”

I was going through my downloads folder yesterday to see if I’d overlooked anything when I stumbled across this track I downloaded from IGIF and forgot to share here.

MP3: Hula Hoop – Ladies (Let’s Go)
If I had to pick a spiritual twin for Hula Hoop’s track, I’d have to go with PAS/CAL’s “Bronze Beach Boys of the Summer.” (unfortunately I can’t seem to find a link on Youtube and I don’t have an MP3 on my laptop — any help?) They’re both really poppy, beach-ready tunes that get me in the mood for a full day of doing nothing during the summer.

Hula Hoop on Myspace

BONUS MP3: PasCal – The Bronze Beached Boys (Come On Let’s Go)

5 thoughts on “[MP3] Hula Hoop: “Ladies (Let’s Go)””

  1. This Pascal song is one of my favourite from the last decade. And Hula Hoop is absolutely brilliant; Beach Boys, Panda Bear and Ruby Suns in the house. :) Thanks! :)

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