[MP3] new Phil Selway: “By Some Miracle”

I didn’t have the highest of hopes for my birthday-twin Phil Selway’s new solo album, but it looks like it’s going to be awesome. Seriously, this new track “By Some Miracle” is what I hoped and prayed the new Midlake would sound like. Head over to www.philipselway.com and grab this fantastic track.

Download “By Some Miracle” here

Familial is out August 2010

[MP3] Sri Aurobindo: “My Luv is Stoned”

Friends Records just hit me up to see if I’d be into posting another Sri Aurobindo track. Considering how much I loved the first one I posted, is it any surprise that I said yes? That album’s tons of fun.

MP3: Sri Aurobindo – My Luv Is Stoned
It’s got a riff not unlike “Soul Vibrations of Man” — and I’m totally OK with that. When your sound is this enjoyable, I think you’re permitted to have two tracks that sound slightly like each other. Of course, “My Luv is Stoned” is the wilder of the two, giving you something with which to tell these twins apart.

Sri Aurobindo on Myspace

[VIDEO/MP3] Janelle Monae covers Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

MP3: Janelle Monae – Let’s Go Crazy (live Prince cover)

Uhhh. Way awesome. Janelle Monae covered Princes’ “Let’s Go Crazy” at the BET awards. I’m way into Janelle Monae and this only furthers that love. When they cut to a shot of the Purple One in the audience, he doesn’t look overly flattered, but I guess the fact that he’s not suing her is proof that he’s at least a little into it.

[MP3] Carl Broemel of MMJ: “Heaven Knows”

Remember when I got so excited about those two new My Morning Jacket songs and one of them turned out to be a new one by Carl Broemel? Well, here’s our second taste off his upcoming record All Birds Say, out Aug 31 on ATO.

MP3: Carl Broemel – Heaven Knows
Not a huge departure from what MMJ fans are used to. It’s a little lighter and more americana-y than your average Jacket tune, but you wouldn’t want an exact clone, would you? Also, after running through this song a few times, I’m starting to think Carl might be the real Gram Parsons fan out of the MMJ boys.