Man Man @ Cosmic Charlie’s 5.13.10

Man Man have dug themselves a pretty comfortable little hole in the performing world. Their sets are always slightly different (and always fantastic), but mostly the same. That’s why their show at Cosmic Charlie’s surprised me so much. They’ve been tweaking a near-perfect formula — and surprise, surprise, managed to get it even better.

Two of the first changes were things I initially balked at. For starters, Pow Pow now has an electronic drum pad to supplement his mastery of the drum kit. But he literally used it for about 30 seconds during a transitional period and it sounded pretty cool. Then at one point during the show one of the multi-instrumentalists whose name escapes me jumped on the keyboard while Honus Honus prowled the stage with microphone in hand to sing another new song. It felt weird seeing someone else behind the keys at a Man Man show, but I quickly found out it didn’t matter at all. Whatever it takes to free them up to put on a good performance.

In the end, I think we got somewhere between eight and ten new songs. The set-opening song “Piranhas” sounds like it’s going to be one of my favorite Man Man tracks when it’s committed to album. The rest sounded pretty good, but I can rarely ever make out the lyrics to any Man Man songs live if I don’t already know them. So I’ll have to look forward to all the clever wordplay and curious imagery.

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  1. Amazing photos, amazing show, thanks for capturing these.
    @aidan, No, the jelly thing would not make sense, but you but be certain that it was some kind of mad genius.

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