[MP3] the Dø: “Playground Hustle”

[MP3] the Dø: “Playground Hustle”

I completely lost track of the Do (pronounced “the doe”) over the past year or so and forgot that their record A Mouthful came out this week. I’m finally getting to soak it in and am really enjoying it so far. Each track is a bit different from the previous, making for a pretty fun ride. Here’s one of the most different, but most enjoyable.

MP3: The Do – Playground Hustle
Sometimes the Talking Heads have it backwards. Sometimes the girls just want to be with the boys. In this case the Do use “Playground Hustle” to voice adorable complaints about gender stereotypes — why can’t boys play with dolls and girls with hammers and nails? Then after letting the kiddies sing for a bit, the Do jump in and twist it into a fuzzed out Bat For Lashes-esque rocker… you know, if Bat For Lashes wrote fuzzed-out rock songs.

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  1. I’ve had this record for at least a year . . . . . am I missing something? Did it just get released in the US but was out in Europe or something? Either way, “A Mouthful” is an outstanding album.

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