[MP3] new My Morning Jacket: “Friends Again” + “Carried Away” (live debut)

Unfortunately my plans to see My Morning Jacket with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in either Atlanta or Nashville fell through. I’ve been listening to the bootlegs from those shows, though, and it seems that anyone who made it out was in for a real treat. For starters, the group gave us our first taste of the next record in “Friends Again.”

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Friends Again (new; live)

Normally songs don’t fully win me over until I hear the studio version, but this one is already near-classic MMJ just for only hearing a bootleg. It’s a great example of this band’s strength: writing songs that sound as good in the stadium as they do in your bedroom stereo. It’s powerful, but still intimate.

And they also got what I can only assume is a new MMJ track, “Carried Away,” sung by backing guitarist Carl Broemel. It’s the slower of the pair, but still a good one. UPDATE: Turns out this is a solo song by Carl. You can hear it on his Myspace page.

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Carried Away (new; live)

And as you might expect, they are trotting out some new covers on this tour. Given that they just played the New Orleans Jazzfest and are touring with a jazz band, these should make perfect sense…

MP3: My Morning Jacket – Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield)
MP3: My Morning Jacket – Mother In Law (Ernie K-Doe)
MP3: My Morning Jacket – Carnival Time (Al Johnson)

Of course you can download those covers and 70 more at the My Morning Jacket covers archive that I’ve been updating for a while now.

8 thoughts on “[MP3] new My Morning Jacket: “Friends Again” + “Carried Away” (live debut)”

  1. “Friends Again” is a damn fine tune. Catchy, too. Kinda reminds me of “Lowdown” & “The Way that He Sings” by way of the more recent “I’m Amazed”. IMHO they still need to do a bit of work on it, tightening it up and whatnot. Give em a little studio time and it’ll be damn near perfect.

  2. “Friends Again” was stuck in my head after first listen…that guitar riff is really catchy. The song reminds me of “D’yer Maker” by Zeppelin. I really dig it. I’m glad Jim James isn’t indulging his Prince-y falsetto and is instead belting out the notes with all his body and soul. “Carried Away” is nice too, but it’s not a new MMJ song.

  3. I loved this new song Friends Again I heard it in St Augustine. Its was a pretty interesting song to hear while with ur ex u invited who u havent seen hang out with in months. I guess what I have to say is this band can make some magic happen.. ;)

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