Wooden Wand @ CD Central’s Record Store Day 4.17.10

It’s not surprising that I only saw a combined total of around 15 minutes of all the bands playing CD Central’s Record Store Day festivities given that I work there and it was the busiest day in store history. I did a quick photo wrap-up the other day, but wanted to take a second to highlight just how good Wooden Wand’s set was. I made it a point to be outside for about ten minutes of his set and it only made me wish I could have been there longer.

James Toth, aka Wooden Wand, moved to Lexington in the last year or so but has only recently started to play shows here. In fact, I think his Record Store Day show was the first he’s done in town since he became a resident. I had seen him years ago at a WRFL-sponsored show and wasn’t too taken with him, but for whatever reason he really blew me away this past weekend. He opened with a John Prine cover that I was unfortunate enough to miss and then played a handful of his own songs before calling it quits. It was maybe the shortest set of the day, but easily the best. James was hilarious between songs and powerful during them. I can’t wait until he plays a show in town again. That time I won’t have to work and can dedicate myself fully to a great set.

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