Electric 6 @ Cosmic Charlie’s 4.21.10

Going into Electric 6’s show, I was cautiously excited. I really only knew their album Fire (an accidental omission from my best of the decade list) and feared that my lack of knowledge might keep me from enjoying the rest of their set. Turns out that was an unfounded fear — I was never bored for a minute.

Of course, yes, I did enjoy the “hits” more than the tracks I didn’t know. The fact that we got “Danger! High Voltage!,” “Gay Bar,” “Improper Dancing” and “She’s White” was incredible. In fact, I probably spent more time with my camera out of my face at this show than any I’ve been to in recent memory. I’m sorry, but when the song that was your ringtone for two years* comes on, how can you even try to take photos?

I guess my only complaint in the stellar show was that I just wasn’t operating on lead singer Dick Valentine/Tyler Spencer’s level. Often the line between lead singer and comedian is pretty blurry (ie: Tim from Les Savy Fav is like watching a Zach Galifianakis show), but at times he came across a little dry for my taste. It was like Ron White fronting a fiery dance-punk show — really friggin’ weird. He was, however, more often than not hilarious, so I’ll let the overall awkwardness slide.

*that’d be “Danger! High Voltage!” from 2006 – Jan 2009

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