the Apples in Stereo @ Cosmic Charlie’s 4.16.10

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the Apples in Stereo, but it’s quite a few. I’d say I’ve seen Robert Schneider pick up a guitar and play Apples songs in front of a crowd easily more than a dozen times. So when I say that their set at Cosmic Charlie’s was one of the best times I’ve ever seen them, know that it actually was quite surprising that they manage to keep topping themselves.

Maybe the Apples knew they were going to have to step up their game for this tour. That would explain why they got matching costumes that look like silver futuristic lab coats to tie their look together. When John –who is known for dressing up as “Futureman” — came on stage, I thought “oh, Futureman got an upgrade.” Then the rest of the band came out wearing their costumes and I knew we were in for something good. You don’t get all dressed up without giving it your best.

We also got another treat that I would never have expected. Robert brought out two horn players to back them up for a great performance of “Go!” The song would have rocked just fine with the regular band, but it sounded perfect with the addition of the two guest musicians. Of course you realize the obvious problem: now I’m always going to want them to have live horns when I see them.

And while it’s probably my least favorite Apples album, the new songs did sound really good live. They opened up with “Dignified Dignitary” off the new record and it really has a great kick to it in concert. I think this is probably going to be the record that I don’t revisit much at home, but hope they always play stuff from live.

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6 thoughts on “the Apples in Stereo @ Cosmic Charlie’s 4.16.10”

  1. The lighting + artificial fog + spacey outfits really complimented one another and it really came through in your photos.

    As for the show, I thought “Dignified Dignitary” was an excellent way to kick off the set! So rock n roll. I was really excited to hear Eric’s song too; it’s probably my favorite off the new record.

  2. Great show, and I’m ashamed to say my first Apples show. The new songs are really good live. Very nice pics too!

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