Record Store Day @ CD Central 4.17.10

Record Store Day 2010 was a huge success. Not only was it the busiest day in CD Central history, but I’m pretty sure that everyone who came through our door had a great time. There was a ton of great records to be snagged, bands to see and sales to be taken advantage of. But unfortunately we were so busy that I probably saw a combined total of 10 minutes of all the bands who played our event. So this year’s recap is going to have to be photo-only (with the exception of Wooden Wand, who I caught enough of to write a bit about later).

Thanks to everyone who came out to CD Central and to anyone who visited their local record store!

See the recap after the break

The first to arrive! These guys got to CD Central at 8am — two hours before we opened and an hour before I got there


the Rough Customers

Wooden Wand

The reason for the season

Coralee and the Townies

Rachel Sage

the Vicious Guns

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