The Whigs @ Cosmic Charlie’s 4.6.10

This was only my second time seeing a full set by the Whigs. I’ve seen them partially at two festivals, but only once before had seen their show from start to finish. That show at the Dame was one of my favorites of 2008 and still holds a lot of great memories for me. So how did they stack up the second time? Still rocking, but not quite as much this time.

I guess my main problem is that there are really only two songs on the new record that I enjoy (“In the Dark” and “Kill Me Carolyne”). So while the rest weren’t bad to hear live, they fared poorly against songs I’ve spent the last two years loving intensely. When I heard “Already Young” and “Like a Vibration” back in 2008, I said it felt like I was seeing Mudhoney live in their heyday. But Tuesday’s show was a bit more like I imagine it would be to see Mudhoney in 2009 — still a ton of fun, but not quite the top of their game. But yes, I’m being a bit hard on the Whigs, but it’s only because I know they can take it. An off night for these guys is still a pretty killer show.

More photos after the break.

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