[VIDEO] Apples in Stereo: “Dance Floor” (ft. Elijah Wood)

[VIDEO] Apples in Stereo: “Dance Floor” (ft. Elijah Wood)

Here’s the first video off the Apples’ new record Travellers in Space and Time. It stars their buddy and record head Elijah Wood AND features the most in-jokey book title ever (“The Impact of Sound Velocity on the Evolution of Tone and Soul in Tidal Waves” by Ruston H.S. Moone PhD)

3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Apples in Stereo: “Dance Floor” (ft. Elijah Wood)

  1. What blows my mind about this video, and Apples in Stereo, is that I had a class with Robert Schneider two years ago but did not make the connection at all… I knew he was in a band, but I never asked which one!

    I love the song and video, can’t wait to see them at Cosmic Charlie’s next Friday.

  2. i just watched the first 30 seconds with the volume off and am actually impressed by elijah’s acting. he’s got that frodo face going on… it’s super creepy and cool looking.

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