[STREAM] new Band of Horses: “Compliments”

Unless my ears are playing tricks on me, there’s a line in this new Band of Horses song that also appears in the book I just purchased and read this afternoon, Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. It seems that both Band of Horses and KVJr want to know “what are people for?” Great question posed in two different forms of media. Luckily one can be asked in about three minutes and heard by clicking the link below.

Stream “Compliments” at BandofHorses.com

Sounds pretty good, huh? It’s no “Is There A Ghost” or “No One’s Gonna Love You,” but still a really solid track. Here’s hoping they tour somewhat near Kentucky.

5 thoughts on “[STREAM] new Band of Horses: “Compliments””

  1. I saw these guys at The Dame a few years ago with Iron and Wine, and was just completely blown away by them. I came away from that show being a huge fan of Band of Horses, and a little less of an Iron and Wine fan. Thanks for the link. Good song, not their best but still really good, for me “Great Salt Lake” is where it’s at.

  2. I was at that show too! Only I was 18 at the time so I had to stand outside and watch them through the door. Once they found out I had seen the whole show from outside they came outside and chatted for a bit and gave me a signed copy of their tour EP. Nice guys.

    And I agree, Iron & Wine had a tough act to follow…

  3. I actually stood outside there for a while and talked to them too. that’s funny. A friend of mine was pregnant, and couldn’t really stand being in the crowd that much so I stood out there with her during Iron and Wine for a big part of their set, and chatted with the guys when they came out. Yeah, they were really nice guys.

  4. YAA…I was there too! YAA….my wife was pregnant and she started to give birth and so we went outside, YAA…and then Band of Horses helped deliver our firstborn son which we named Augustine…YAA…real nice guys…YAA!

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