[SXSW] the Black Keys @ the Mohawk 3.20.10

The Black Keys played only one show at SXSW 2010, so the pressure was on. Everyone in the audience had already passed their test: somehow make it through the long line, into the venue, secure a good spot and hold it through the uncharacteristically frigid weather we were forced to endure. Now the question was, could the Black Keys make their one SXSW show a knockout? Well, if you’ve ever seen them before, you know they couldn’t do it any other way.

The Black Keys are in that rare group of two-person bands I’ve seen that rock harder than most four- or five-person bands (that also includes Death From Above 1979 and the White Stripes). But maybe more importantly, they’re one of the few groups I’ve seen many times and have yet to put on a bad show. Maybe it’s because their music is pretty straightforward — blues rock riffs and a lot of rocking out — but whatever the reason, they always deliver and their show at SXSW was no exception. We got a nice long set packed with newer hits and even a few back catalogue tracks — enough to make the long wait in the cold totally worth it.

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