[SXSW] Demolished Thoughts (Thurston Moore, J Mascis + Friends) @ the Mohawk 3.20.10

Thurston Moore’s set at the Mohawk was admittedly fun, but it was another case where I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were literally thousands of people who should have been there rather than me. I was having fun and enjoying the show, but a set pairing Thurston Moore and J Mascis with a few of their buddies just seems like something only a superfan should get to enjoy.

Throughout the whole set, I couldn’t help think that Thurston Moore is the generation before mine’s Mick Jagger — and if so, he is completely kicking Mick’s butt. I mean, compare what they do when they want to team up with friends and make music: Thurston rocks out with his buddies on some minute-long punk songs… and Jagger does this. You win this round, Thurston.

4 thoughts on “[SXSW] Demolished Thoughts (Thurston Moore, J Mascis + Friends) @ the Mohawk 3.20.10”

  1. Yeah why would we want to share great music with other people that is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Special set or not. Just crazy I mean really really crazy.

  2. What are you talking about? I said the show was fun and that what Thurston does in his middle-age years is way cooler than what Jagger did around the same age (I guess).

  3. No Matt, I think you’re right. I’m a big fan of Thurston and Mascis, and I could tell that Demolished Thoughts was just sort of them goofin’ off since they were all in town. It’s a nod to ’80s hardcore, tongue firmly in cheek, with songs like “I Hate Sports” and “I Hate Kids Who Don’t Like Me.” It’s fun and awesome – but only 15-20 minutes fun and awesome. Then you want to go do something else. I’ll have some video on my blahg later this week if any of ya’llz wanna see what I’m talking about.

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