[SXSW] Broken Bells @ the Mohawk 3.20.10

I kind of feel like I owe an apology to Broken Bells. I was kind of harsh on “the High Road” when we first got to hear it and only recently have come around. It took me a few spins of the record (and the realization that “the Ghost Inside” is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far) but I’ve finally joined Team Broken Bells. So what better way to celebrate than by catching Danger Mouse and James Mercer live for the first time?

I can’t say that Broken Bells put on a great show, but I can say that if I didn’t know the two primary members were musical mega-stars, I would have thought that they did a remarkably good job. But when your previous gigs include writing arguably the best song of the last decade (“Crazy”) and being in one of the best indie pop groups of the past decade, it’s hard for people not to have elevated expectations for your show. So really, I guess the fact that I wasn’t disappointed is a weird way of saying that they did a great job.

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