[SXSW] Holy Fuck @ the Mohawk 3.18.10

After the disappointing one-two punch of Salem and jj, Holy Fuck really couldn’t have helped but bowl over the Mohawk crowd on Thursday. But they didn’t phone this one it; in fact it might have been the best show I’ve ever seen them put on.

MP3: Holy Fuck – Latin America

I kept being asked to describe Holy Fuck’s sound by the people around me before they went on. Eventually I settled on something like “electronic rock jam band,” which actually sounds like something I’d hate. Luckily I didn’t scare off anyone because whatever you call their music, Holy Fuck put on a great live show. The only thing really new or noteworthy beside how good they sounded was that this was the first time I’ve seen them when they brought out a guitar. I’m sure no one in the audience batted an eye, but they’ve been a guitarless group for so long that it surprised me to see it on even just one song. It sounded great though and really had me looking forward to the new record.

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