[SXSW] the Morning Benders @ Emo’s 3.17.10

MP3: The Morning Benders – Promises

The award for Most Improved (and I mean that in a good way) goes to the Morning Benders! When I saw them in 2008 they were a fun pop group that put on a good show. Now in 2010 they’re rocking out with the big boys and putting on a show that’s both well thought out and well rounded. Their fantastic new record Big Echo has really given them a lot of room to play with their sound and they took full advantage of that at Emo’s.

By the time they took the stage, everything was running just a little bit behind at Brooklyn Vegan’s party. Nothing quite like your average show, but when you’ve got thousands of music fans trying to plan their day down to the minute, a 15 minute delay can be killer. So the Morning Benders pared their set down to their four or five best tracks and let us have it with both barrels. Even their hobbled set was still fantastic. Chris Chu has become a really good lead guitarist/frontman and has learned how to really milk their songs for every last drop of quality.

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