[SXSW] Rural Alberta Advantage @ Emo’s 3.17.10

Rural Alberta Advantage were one of my big take aways from last year’s SXSW. I caught them at a show in a church and was really blown away. Since then they’ve secured a wide release for their record and only managed to get better at performing live. And I guess it helps that they were playing to a full crowd that seemed pretty familiar with their songs.

Whereas the first time I saw them, the Rural Alberta Advantage reminded me a fair amount of Neutral Milk Hotel (without the whole “we’re trying so hard to sound like NMH” vibe that normally accompanies that sentence), this go-around they were much more energetic and punchy. Maybe it was the fact that they were playing a show, maybe it was the free beers — I have no idea; but they were really into performing and I loved it.

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