Wax Fang to cover Purple Rain for Thunder Over Louisville

I’ve never made it up to Louisville for Thunder Over Louisville, but I’ll be trying my hardest to do so this year. Why? Because Wax Fang will be playing Prince’s super-classic Purple Rain in its entirety just after the fireworks end. Now, hopefully they’ll start into “Let’s Go Crazy” during the climax of the fireworks, but I’ll take what I can get.

Wax Fang
w/Chico Fellini and the Seedy Seeds
the Louisville Ballet Center (315 E. Main St.)
April 17 | 6pm
ticket info: (502) 583.3150 x229

2 thoughts on “Wax Fang to cover Purple Rain for Thunder Over Louisville”

  1. Wow. I like Wax Fang, but I would have never predicted this choice of cover songs. This is interesting — and Chico Fellini on the bill as well. Fantastic. Thanks for the heads up.

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