[MP3] new Freelance Whales: “Rise & Shine” (live on WOXY)

Frenchkiss Records’ Freelance Whales stopped by WOXY recently to record a session with them. They played some tracks off their debut record, but also broke out this unreleased song. Download the whole session at the Futurist, but start by checking out the new track here:

MP3: Freelance Whales – Rise & Shine (live on WOXY)
If they can make this track sound this good on a live radio recording, I can’t wait to hear what Freelance Whales will be able to do with it after a little studio magic. It’s a quick track both in that it gallops along from start to finish and that it clocks in at under three minutes long. But hey, that’s what they made the repeat button for.

Freelance Whales on Myspace

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