[MP3] new Grizzly Bear: “Boy From School” (Hot Chip cover)

While on their tour of Australia, Grizzly Bear dropped by Triple J to do a radio session that included this cover of Hot Chip’s “Boy From School.” Thanks to IGIF for cutting up the the audio while I’m stuck here at work.

MP3: Grizzly Bear – Boy From School (Hot Chip cover, live on Triple J)

Grizzly Bear: the gift that keeps on giving.

8 thoughts on “[MP3] new Grizzly Bear: “Boy From School” (Hot Chip cover)”

  1. I can’t believe I have two commenting readers who don’t dig on Grizzly Bear. I always welcome dissent, but damned if they aren’t one of the best bands of the last decade.

  2. Agreed Matt–definitely one of the best of the decade. As usual when bands become popular they have haters. Grizzly Bear is no exception

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