[MP3] new Roadside Graves: “Liv Tyler”

Seems like just the other day we were all enjoying the release of Roadside Graves’ My Son’s Home, doesn’t it? Now, just a few short months after falling in love for the first time, they’ve readied their follow up and have offered us this new track as a preview. You Won’t Be Happy With Me is out March 16 on Autumn Tone. [MP3 via SG]

MP3: Roadside Graves – Liv Tyler
Roadside Graves turn down the americana pop and lean slightly more into the classic country side of their equation on “Liv Tyler.” There’s also a little bit of Springsteen floating around, which always strengthens just about any equation. In fact, should they ever elevate to Boss-like levels (extremely unlikely), I can see the “if we didn’t have to worry about money, we’d be alright” line getting shouted out by thousands of fans. But for now they’ll have to settle for dozens of fans shouting out this fantastic song.

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