[MP3] new Rafter: “Paper”

Super cool album artwork, right? Asthmatic Kitty’s resident firecracker, Rafter, has readied a new album entitled Animal Feelings and is ready to give us a brief preview. Not to spoil the “review” an inch or two below this paragraph, but it’s really a great track.

MP3: Rafter – Paper
Until last week I had no idea that you could say “motherf*cker” on an Asthmatic Kitty album. It’s kind of refreshing to hear, actually. But the profanity might be a cheap gimmick if not for the fact that this is probably the best song I’ve ever heard Rafter squeeze out of his brainbox. It’s a touch tropical, a little dreamy and a lot catchy. If this is really representative of the quality of the rest of the album, count me in as a big time fan.

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