Vinyl Collective announces 40% sale on 500 LPs

I don’t normally alert you guys to what I’m spending my money on, but I figured I’d pass this along. Vinyl Collective is having a 40% off sale on over 500 LPs. There’s stuff by a ton of great bands, including Wilco’s AM for $11 and Summerteeth for $14 — which is what I grabbed. It’s only running for one more day, though, so hurry!

Check out the titles available at

4 thoughts on “Vinyl Collective announces 40% sale on 500 LPs”

  1. It may not be a flashy site, but VC is run by some of the most dedicated human beings on the planet. Reliable, attentive and they love their music. I’ve ordered from them to ship to the UK and everything has arrived in great shape. Check out releases on Suburban Home (their sister label) – especially Austin Lucas, The Takers and Drag The River – if you’re a fan of colored (sic) vinyl, better hide your credit card ;-)

  2. I have no problem with the simple layout; It’s just that half the links I clicked on sent me to a random page that had nothing to do with whatever album I was looking for. I assume that meant that the particular album was sold out or something but it would be nice if they would have come out and told me so. That kind of sketchiness makes me wary of giving out my credit card numbers.

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