[MP3] new White Hinterland: “Icarus”

Guys, I’ll admit that I’ve been sleeping on the White Hinterland for the most part. A quick check of my iTunes reveals that I’ve really only collected some assorted singles and covers out of her discography. But judging on the strength of this new track from her upcoming record Kairos, this is the year I finally right that wrong. This, along with that new Knife track, is one of the best new songs I’ve heard in a while. (via GvB)

MP3: White Hinterland – Icarus
If you’re into the whole Beach House/Bat for Lashes/Grizzly Bear style of music, this is probably going to make your year. “Icarus” combines Casey’s beautiful vocals with production values that can only be described as what it probably sounds like to chill on the beach in space. Crazy combination; fantastic result.

White Hinterland on Myspace

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