[MP3] Woodpigeon: “Die Stadt Muzikanten”

Woodpigeon were described as being akin to some of my favorite pop groups: the Kinks, Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura and Sufjan Stevens. And even when descriptors get a little over-reaching with their “sounds likes,” it’s usually a good sign when all the bands are giant worshipers of melody. Woodpigeon’s record is a sweet love song to all things melodic.

MP3: Woodpigeon – Die Stadt Muzikanten
Die Stadt Muzikanten starts off with the title track, which calls to mind music far earlier than what inspires the rest of the record. It’s the sound I’d expect to hear pouring from old pop LPs that belonged to your grandparents — complete with vinyl hiss — rather than an indie pop group from 2009. But it’s a great production choice for a song that sounds even more fragile than a shellac 45.

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