YANP Mixmas Day 13 :: the Henry Clay People

If it’s December at You Ain’t No Picasso, then it’s time for Mixmas! Every year I like to turn YANP over to some of my favorite bands to showcase some of their favorite songs through a themed mix. They pick a theme, five songs that fit the theme and then share a little about why they picked each one. This year I’m also giving away a YANP shirt, so check below for the hint about tomorrow’s mix.

MP3: Henry Clay People – Something in the Water

The Henry Clay People astounded me when they came onto the scene last year. “Something in the Water” was one of my favorite tracks of 2008 and it shows no sign of dropping on my playlist count. Now in 2009 I got to finally see them live at our Hot Freaks! event and hear some new songs along the way. They’ve got their sophomore album coming out in 2010, so look sharp!

“Song Titles That Would Not Work in Scrabble” by the Henry Clay People

Throughout the past year and a half or so, all 5 of us have either lost our jobs or had to quit…leaving us a lot of free time while not on tour. So, naturally, we play a lot of Scrabble. It has also become a convenient way of keeping in touch with people we meet on on the road as well, playing Scrabble online… This, combined with the fact that there have been some pretty great, and some pretty awful, songs with made up words, I decided to make this the “theme.” So, here are some of the good ones:

MP3: Big Star – “Kizza Me”
One of the strangest Big Star songs…not really my ‘favorite’ of their songs, but nonetheless, it’s up there, especially with their later stuff. This past tour we listened to more Big Star than any other bands probably—My brother (our singer) bought the new box set in some record store in Omaha.

Mott the Hoople – “Honaloochie Boogie”

What is an Honaloochie Boogie? I don’t know, but I wanna dance to Honaloochie Boogie too. So many of Mott’s songs sound and feel like a huge party, and it’s fitting that one of their biggest party songs has a title like this. The lyrics are something else too: “Now I feel like I’m in a rock n roll war, some kind of mathematical jive competition.” Keeping my fingers crossed about them coming to the U.S., after they just reunited for a handful of shows in London back in October.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Keep on Chooglin'”

CCR actually has a number of song titles which Scrabble would not approve of (Ooby Dooby, Ramble Tamble..) but this was my favorite of the bunch. Just watched that Rock n Roll Hall of fame concert the other day on TV, and while it seems like most of these old rocker’s wardrobes have gotten significantly worse over the years, Fogarty still dresses exactly the same as he did 40 years ago.

Grandaddy – “Chartsengrafs”

I can’t go on a car ride that is more than 3 hours without listening to either The Sophtware Slump or Sumday. Some of the best driving records.

MP3: Teenage Fanclub – Alchoholiday
Jobless, on the road playing shows all the time, every day feels like an Alcoholiday

Tomorrow’s hint: the next band are labelmates of the Henry Clay People whose 2009 record reminded me strongly of Blitzen Trapper.

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