James Mercer + Danger Mouse share new collaborative song

Well, today was the first that we’ve had to hear something from the James Mercer/Danger Mouse collaboration Broken Bells. They just put up a free MP3 of “the High Road” on their site. The only problem is that it’s not even half the sum of its parts.

MP3: Broken Bells – The High Road
It’s not a bad song by any stretch, but I just feel like I heard this song half a dozen times growing up in the 90s. I mean, the verses even sound like the Wallflowers — which is fine, but they’re mining an area that’s been mined to death. I’ve run through it five times and it’s yet to hook me at any point. Here’s hoping the rest of the record takes more risks or at least sounds better.

Preorder it here (or don’t) or check below for the full tracklist.

Broken Bells’ tracklist
The High Road
Heads on Fire
The Ghost Inside
Sailing to Nowhere
Trap Doors
The Waiting Game
The Mall and Misery

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