Man Man @ Buster’s Halloween Fall Ball 10.31.09

Various promoters in Lexington have been trying for about two years now to book Man Man on Halloween. It’s been a pipe dream in the local community for a long while. But this year was different — this year Lexington made it happen.

But really though, I’d imagine getting Man Man to play a Halloween show is a dream of most music fans around America. When you think about it, they’re really just about the perfect group to play on a night when everyone paints themselves up and gets in touch with their wilder side. I mean, this is the group whose 2007 live show I described as Where the Wild Things Are, Lord of the Flies and Stomp mixed together. Their music is chaotic and their shows doubly so.

After an unbearably long soundcheck, Man Man retired to the backstage area to prepare for the show. They took a bit longer to come out than normal, which luckily meant that they were dressing up a bit for Halloween. Eschewing their normal white paint, the men of Man Man added a little black into the mix for a real dia de los muertos look. Pow Pow, the drummer, was even rocking a great skeleton-sans-jawbone paint job. It might not have been full Kiss attire, but it was a great addition for a Halloween show.

Costumes notwithstanding, the real treat of the show was the setlist. We got to hear two new songs off their upcoming (2010?) album, one of which sounded quite a bit better than the other. Not only that, but they tossed in two seasonal covers as a great treat. We got a cover of the Halloween theme song, as well as the Munsters one. Way awesome.

In one last burst of Halloweeny goodness, Honus Honus ran off to the side of the stage, grabbed and pumpkin and held it out over the crowd. Fearing the worst (correctly, might I add), the crowd parted to make way for him. But instead of jumping down, he smashed the pumpkin on the venue floor. Ordinarily I would have considered that to be a wild moment in a show, but he jumped back on stage and spit water around and played the keyboard with pretty much every body part, including his heel — so really it takes a lot to stand out as a wild moment in a Man Man show.

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