the Girl Talk Bootleg Archive :: 10 bootlegs and counting!

For about a year or so around Night Ripper‘s release, I wasn’t really into Girl Talk. Then when I saw him play live at the Pitchfork festival I was completely won over. Ever since then I’ve tried to collect all the Girl Talk bootlegs I can. I’d say I’ve probably listened to the recording of Bonnaroo 2007 set more times than I’ve heard any of his albums.

Now I’ve put together all the bootlegs I have in one place. I’m constantly emailed by people who want me to put bootlegs back up for download, so hopefully this will make everyone as happy as can be.

If you’ve got any bootlegs that I don’t have, please upload them to Rapidshare and send ’em my way!

2007 Bootlegs

MP3: Girl Talk – Girl Talk Murders Seattle – 1/27/07
MP3: Girl Talk – Langerado 3.11.07
ZIP: Girl Talk – Bonnaroo 6.16.07
ZIP: Girl Talk – Capitol Hill Block Party 7.27.07
MP3: Girl Talk – Live at Camp Bisco 8.18.07

2008 Bootlegs

ZIP: Girl Talk – Hollins University, Roanoke, VA – 5.3.08
ZIP: Girl Talk – Summercamp 5.23.08
ZIP: Girl Talk – Live at All Points West 8.8.08

2009 Bootlegs

ZIP: Girl Talk – Live at Yale 4.28.09
MP3: Girl Talk – Bonnaroo – 6.12.09

2010 Bootlegs

MP3: Girl Talk – Live at Binghamton 5.1.10

Big thanks to reader Kent Bell who helped me out by sending a few that I didn’t have!

9 thoughts on “the Girl Talk Bootleg Archive :: 10 bootlegs and counting!”

  1. Thank you Chris, your awesome for splitting that up… not as awesome as the person that recorded directly from the sound board tho. haha. i wish that would happen every show :)

    oh and thanks for the compilation of bootlegs youaintnopicasso!

  2. Thank you all so much for posting these! Like you, I love the energy of the live sets – great stuff to listen to while biking long distances and working out! :-)

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