Chico Fellini cover the Cramps’ “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”

In what has already been a strange Halloween, I’m glad Chico Fellini are there to support me with songs like this. Here’s Chico Fellini doing a cover of the Cramp’s “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” for Halloween. I’m sure they’ll be playing this and a lot more at their show at the Green Lantern tonight!

Spoon’s new album Transference out in January!

GREAT news today! COS just posted the news that Spoon’s new album Transference will be out in January on Merge records! It’s 11 tracks long, including “Got Nuffin” off this year’s EP. Super excited, you guys.

MP3: Spoon – Written In Reverse (live; off Transference)

Check below for the full tracklist, or head over to the Spoon covers archive to celebrate with dozens of Spoon covers!

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[VIDEO] Casper & the Cookies: “Little Kings”

It’s been a little while since Casper and the Cookie’s album Modern Silence came out, but they now have a nice video for the track “Little Kings.” It’s a nice hand-drawn animated video that mixes the Athens music scene with Scooby Doo.

Super bonus points for naming people in the frame at the 2:17 mark!

[BOOTLEG] Mix Master Mike at DNA Lounge 9.16.04

DJ Hero was released yesterday and in celebration, I’ve been enjoying this bootleg of Mix Master Mike that I downloaded while in Finland. I have zero interest in playing the game, but am dying to hear the full soundtrack. Any of the clips I’ve heard have been fantastic. BUT if you’re anxious to hear some master work, look no further.

MP3: Mix Master Mike – Live at DNA Lounge 2004

Miss seeing the scratching at work? Watch this video of Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike going at it.

[MP3] Oh No Ono: “Internet Warrior”

Photo by Anthon Unger

While I was in Finland, I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with Dan from Friendly Fire Recordings. In addition to being good company from back home, he also hipped me to a handful of albums he was putting out. The one that immediately grabbed me was the Danish band Oh No Ono.

MP3: Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior
Can shoegaze be really poppy? I mean, like fuzzy/wandering, but really catchy at the same time. I guess as long as you can take LSD and heroin at the same time, the combination can exist. Oh No Ono have managed to combine the delicate intricacy of so many pop groups with the droney power of the fun side of shoegaze. Sounds like a mess, but it really isn’t. In fact, it sounds like they’ve got it together more than most of us. Eggs is a fantastic record and this isn’t even close to being the only good song on there — the whole thing is a gem.

Oh No Ono on Myspace

Check below to see/hear Oh No Ono cover Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes.”

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Manna @ Lost in Music Showcase 10.23.09

When Manna first started playing, I thought that I’d caught the best band I would see in Finland (turns out it wasn’t true). They have a CSS-style sound, complete with prancing lead singer in curious clothes. I was on the left side of the stage, so most of my attention was commanded by the thudding bass riffs coming out of the amplifier next to my ear. That wound up being kind of helpful, because bass parts are a pretty good way to judge a dancey group like Manna. Luckily for all of us, they were winners all around. The only thing I’d change is for them to drop the slow song from their setlist. They played half a dozen really charged numbers, but slid this real bummer of a song in the middle of them. Not a wise move, fellas.

More photos below.

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Cricket Press releasing a book, planning Lex event!

Lexington screen print artists Cricket Press just wrapped up a book collecting all their artwork and are ready for the release. It’s a wide release, so you should be able to pick it up at an independent/good bookstore near you — but if you live in Lexington, they’ve got something special planned.

Cricket Press Book Release
at the Morris Book Shop (408 Southland Drive)
Friday Nov 13 | 6-8pm

Brian and Sara will be there with their new book, Cricket Press posters and a lot of odds and ends that they’ve printed over the years. And if you need one more grain of sand to convince you to attend, I wrote the intro to their book!