[VIDEO] Grizzly Bear + Victoria Legrand do new song “Slow Life” in Chicago (video snippet)

One thing I miss about the years it’s been since I started You Ain’t No Picasso is that I don’t really get as fanatically devoted to groups as I used to. Five years ago it’d be nothing for me to spend an hour on the internet looking for new songs by groups that I don’t even listen to any more. Maybe it’s because I listen to a lot more music now, but it’s hard to muster up that kind of devotion these days. There are, however, a few noteworthy exceptions — first and foremost being anything by Grizzly Bear.

Grizzly Bear and Victoria Legrand (of Beach House) have a new song coming out on the New Moon soundtrack that I’ve been dying to hear. Yesterday a kind commenter dropped word on YANP that they’d debuted it the night before in Chicago. So after a bit of youtubing and message-boarding, I found a clip that’s a minute and a half long. Now, I brought up my enthusiasm for Grizzly Bear to point out that some of you might not want to waste your time with a minute and a half of a new song, but those of you like me will be thrilled to know that it seems to be as fantastic as we’d hoped. The only problem is that it cuts off at what seems to be a pretty crucial moment in the song. But I promise I’ll post any better video of it that I can run across.

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