Girl Talk @ Monolith 9.12.09

Going into a Girl Talk show, I always treat it like a window into a sociology experiment I’m not conducting. It’s a great place to people watch, except that Girl Talk show attendees are usually either fantastic people or incredibly annoying individuals. But even that level of admiration and hate is difficult to keep up once the show starts. Once Gregg hits “PLAY” on the first track, it’s tough for anyone within the first few dozen feet of him to have any thought deeper than “DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!” in their mind. (I narrowly escape that; as a photographer, my brain told my camera hand “SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!”)

But once or twice I was able to pull my brain out of Girl Talk’s stranglehold and mentally step back. It was a great show, but so strange to see him on such an epic stage. I mean, the Beatles played Red Rocks for crying out loud. If this show didn’t solidify Girl Talk’s legitimacy, I doubt anything ever could. He’s past the point of winning over the unconverted — if you’ve heard his albums and seen his show but still aren’t a fan, you never will be. And that’s OK. Because judging from his performance and the size of his crowd at Monolith, he doesn’t really need anyone who isn’t completely on board.

More photos after the break.

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