Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Monolith 9.12.09

When WOXY snatched up then-buzz band Cymbals Eat Guitars a few months ago to play their stage at Monolith, I knew it was a genius move. They’ve got one of the year’s best debuts and a good live show to boot. What I didn’t know is that it would ultimately be a genius move that almost kept me from seeing the band.

By the time I went down to see Cymbals Eat Guitars, the WOXY stage was full beyond full. I can’t remember if the fire marshal had yet enacted their one-in-one-out policy, but it was at about that point. So I had to wait through a few songs before getting to squeeze in to the far left of CEG’s stage.

Cymbals Eat Guitar’s Pitchfork show convinced me that they were even better than all the buzz and their debut had indicated. After all, if they can completely blow away a crowd of thousands of discerning music fans during a muggy Chicago afternoon, they’ve got to have something to them.

Well, their Monolith show only backed that up further. Though it was about as different a venue as you could ask for, the impact of their show was the same, if not amplified. Their sound is one of the lucky ones that sounds great on record and even better live. Their hits like “Wind Phoenix” and “Cold Spring” have a dynamic to them that leaves me feeling leveled by every turn. Supremely glad these guys were grabbed for Monolith.

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