[MP3] new BOAT: “Name Tossers”

While I was at the “No Deachunter” show, I got an IM from David from BOAT telling me that there was a postable MP3 from their third LP. So even though I was already wildly excited from being at a great show, I was then even more excited to know that I would be coming home to a new BOAT song that I could share with you all.

MP3: BOAT – Name Tossers
If you’ve been a little let down with your favorite pop groups as of late (regular ol’ pop has been the least impressive genre this year), might I suggest casting a caring ear to BOAT’s new album? “Name Tossers” does more than justice to the pop name, adding a bit more credibility to the genre as well. With an occasional piano plunk, guitar whammy and some melisma worthy of the Dirty Projector’s new record, BOAT have assembled a nice song for your summer. The best part, however, is that I know there’s at least one song on the album better than this.

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