[VIDEO] the Dead Weather cover Bob Dylan, Pentegram

I’m not the biggest fan of the Dead Weather’s debut album, but I’ll always pay attention to anything Jack White’s involved in. As such, I was curious to see how these covers turned out. This weekend the Dead Weather covered Bob Dylan’s “New Pony” and Pentegram’s “Forever My Queen” at the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. I gotta say, not too bad. Now if only their original material interested me this much.

These United States vinyl contest winner announced, Everything Touches Everything out this Tuesday!

Giant mega thanks to everyone who entered the These United States vinyl shopping spree contest. Thanks for reading and thanks for being a fan of a good band (and thanks for living in or near Lexington). But unfortunately only one of you could win, and that person has been emailed.

MP3: These United States – Everything Touches Everything

Now, for everyone else the fun doesn’t stop there. I’ll post photos of the shopping trip, along with a recounting of whatever witticisms may pop up. And we can all take part in the Everything Touches Everything release tomorrow and the band’s appearance at the Buster’s opening this Friday with Chico Fellini and Wax Fang.

the Spoon covers archive updated with 11 more covers!

Just a little while after I started up the Spoon covers archive, people began sending me songs I had missed. There were the obvious ones (Yo La Tengo and Hedwig) and the live ones (Sam Cooke), but these are some that I would likely have had to do quite a bit of digging to unearth. I just updated the archive with covers ranging from the Pixies to Prince, all sent by a Spoon-loving YANP reader named Laura. Here’s just one, recorded back when Britt was playing under the name Drake Tungsten.

MP3: Drake Tungsten – Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney)

Hit up the Spoon covers archive to download 33 songs

[DOWNLOAD] Girl Talk live at Yale

My attempt at recording Girl Talk’s set at UK ended as poorly as any game of catch attempt at bootlegging can. But luckily I stumbled upon one bootleg I didn’t have. This one is great quality and — from what I’ve had a chance to sample — a pretty good set.

MP3: Girl Talk – Live at Yale (127mb)

And of course you can catch Girl Talk at any of his tour dates, including an appearance at the Monolith festival.

[VIDEO] Scientist writes “ideal” Bowie song

The song starts around 4:25

Dr Nick Troop compared the lyrics and chart placement of David Bowie’s discography and used the results to write the “ideal” Bowie song, one that he says would be a hit. It’s not a bad chord progression and melody, but the lyrics sound like they were written by a robot. So as interesting as this is, gotta say that the score here remains Science 0; Arts 1

Via Newslite

Girl Talk @ UK Student Center Grand Ballroom 8.27.09

For the weeks leading up to Girl Talk’s show at the University of Kentucky I had been saying that the university had no idea what it was in for. I figured that all signs pointed to the show being every bit as much of a crazy mess as the other Girl Talk shows I’d seen. In fact, given that everyone there would have just returned to college ready to party — AND that UK is a dry campus, meaning people would probably sneak in flasks — I figured it might be worse than any Girl Talk show I’d seen.

Boy was I wrong. Last night’s show was the Girl Talk concert I always dreamed of. Gregg was fantastic, the audience was enthusiastic but not overbearingly so and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Chalk it up to Kentucky’s friendly nature (or the dry campus) if you want, but it was a great atmosphere. In fact, it was so friendly that I only saw one girl grab Gregg’s butt while he was at his computer. Imagine that!

As for the actual performance, I’d say it ranked, quality-wise, about in the middle of GT shows that I’ve seen. The downside of the friendly atmosphere was that there wasn’t an abundance of energy for Gregg to feed off. He crowd surfed for a bit, hugged the front row and occasionally had to pump up the people dancing on stage, but mostly he just focused on his laptops.

And as a collector of Girl Talk bootlegs, I can say that he’s actually done a commendable job of keeping his live show fresh. Sure, there are some unavoidably great pairings that he’s bound to include in his set (NIN + Kelly Clarkson, Elton John + Biggie), but he worked in a lot of samples I don’t think I’d ever heard him use before. He played about half of “Shout!” just like he did at Bonnaroo, which is both great and strange. It’s the only time I can think that he’s used a good deal of a song, but everyone really got into it. I think the only time people got more excited was any time he sampled Michael Jackson (most especially the intro to “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”)

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Grand Buffet @ UK Student Center Grand Ballroom 8.27.09

I had a pretty hard time explaining Grand Buffet to my friends in the days leading up to last night’s show. Usually I went with “well, they’re kind of a joke rap group that’s not really a joke, but not remotely serious.” When I saw them open for Of Montreal, most people weren’t into it, but their Girl Talk opening gig went over a lot better. They got people laughing, clapping along and cheering when they dedicated a song to “anyone out there who uses drugs.”

More photos after the break.
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[MP3] new These United States: “Everything Touches Everything” // last day to enter the LP shopping spree!

Just under a week from the release of their new album Everything Touches Everything, These United States have made available the title track for your downloading pleasure.

MP3: These United States – Everything Touches Everything
For the most part, Everything Touches Everything is probably going to be remembered as These United States’ “rock” album. Not that they were particularly missing power in their previous releases, but even the quiet songs on this album still have a bit of rock ‘n roll pumped through them.

These United States on Myspace

And today is your next-to-last day to enter for a chance to have a vinyl shopping spree with These United States! It’s going to go down Friday, Sept 4 at CD Central, so go enter!