My First Time …with Madeline

It’s time again for another installment of My First Time, the series where I ask some of my favorite bands to share stories about their musical “firsts.” Everything from the first song they ever wrote to the response they got when they first played their songs for their family. It’s all here. Because after all, the best way to see where a person is going is by understanding where they’ve been.

MP3: Madeline – White Flag

So, I meant to run this on the same day Madeline played in Lexington… but it was last night. Oops. Well, you can still catch her on tour. And her record is solid and you can pick that up from her there. My girlfriend’s mom asked me for a mix CD for her birthday and I put Madeline’s “White Flag” on there — she dug it and so will you (probably… or not).

My First Time …with Madeline

First record you bought
With my own money? Metallica “The Black Album”

First record that changed your life
The Best of Jackson Five

First concert you attended
A Beatles cover band

First concert that blew you away
The Beatles cover band. I went with my mom. I completely flipped out. It felt like the real thing.

First time playing live
2000 at the now defunct X-Ray Cafe.

First tour (horror stories, unexpectedly great shows, etc)
With Zumm Zumm in 2002. The tour was a month long and I bet we only played fifteen shows. We would get stuck in the best places like in Omaha, Nebraska with Tilly and the Wall or at Matt and Erin Tobey’s house in Michigan. I met a lot of friends on that trip. I also drank
pee. It’s my best tour horror story and I tell it a lot. We had driven to Louisiana over night. When I woke up in the morning, I grabbed the closest bottle of water and took a swig. Everyone was looking but it happened too fast to scream.

First instrument you learned and/or first piece of equipment you loved
My parents had me learn piano but I gave it up. I wish I hadn’t. I first fell in love with the guitar, but I’m not all that attatched to my gear. I can’t afford the good stuff, so I mostly covet other people’s things.

First band you were a part of
The Sugar Shakers. I started the band with my then-boyfriend in 2001.
We were sort of twee rock. Like X trying to sound like the kinks. I sang and danced my ass off. It was a short lived gig, but we got to play with The Gossip, My Morning Jacket and Of Montreal, which was very cool for me at the time. I got to walk around high school feeling
like a real weekend rebel.

First time getting press and/or being interviewed
When I was in The Sugar Shakers.

First song you wrote and/or recorded
My brother recorded my first fifteen or so songs on a microsoft sound recorder computer program. He had to trick it to run for three minutes instead of one and stuck me infront of a radio shack microphone. My first song was called “Still Shine On.” It’s pretty cute stuff.

First awesome thing that happened solely because you were in a band
I met cute boys and got to drink underage.

First horrible thing that happened solely because you were in a band
I met cute boys and got to drink underage.

First reactions from your family when you played them your music
They’ve always been very proud. They still tape my shows.

First musical obsession (band, song, singer, genre or otherwise)
Michael Jackson. The Best of the Jackson Five and a Beat It/Billy Jean cassingle were my only tapes from age six to maybe ten or eleven. I was deeply in love. MTV was so Michael Jackson crazy in the early nineties and I loved all of his music videos. I thought he was so

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