the Spoon covers archive :: 22 covers and counting!

Just a few days ago I shared three Spoon covers and said to let me know if you guys had any more. Well, I didn’t quite expect you to point me to almost a dozen other covers, but I’m sure glad you did. Some of you left links to MP3s and someone left a link to this helpful post. So thanks very much for that.

Then I did a little more digging of my own and unearthed a few more covers, including one of Britt Daniel doing Wolf Parade’s “Modern World.” I know, right? Mind. Blown. So for the second time, I give you an as-complete-as-I-can-get-it collection of all of the covers one of my favorite bands has done — this time around, it’s Spoon. I’ll be adding more as I find them — with your help, hopefully — but for now, just enjoy!

MP3: Spoon – Modern World (Wolf Parade)
MP3: Spoon – Peace Like a River (Paul Simon)
MP3: Spoon – Panic (The Smiths)
MP3: Spoon – Situation Vacant (the Kinks)
MP3: Spoon – Set Me Free (the Kinks)
MP3: Spoon – Moments (the Kinks)
MP3: Spoon – A Good Flying Bird (Guided by Voices)
MP3: Spoon – Isolation (John Lennon)
MP3: Spoon – Rocks Off (the Rolling Stones)
MP3: Spoon – Melted Pat (Guided By Voices)
MP3: Spoon – Held (Smog)
MP3: Spoon – It’s Gonna Take an Airplane (Dan Bejar)
MP3: Spoon – Loose (Stooges)
MP3: Spoon – Lowdown (Wire)
MP3: Spoon – Used To (Wire)
MP3: Spoon – Rocket USA (Suicide)
MP3: Spoon – Roller Coaster (13th Floor Elevators)
MP3: Spoon – I Am the Key (the La’s)
MP3: Spoon – I’m Goin Down (Bruce Springsteen)

UPDATE: I’ve only had this post online for a few hours and I’ve already had three more sent in!

MP3: Spoon – Bring it On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
MP3: Spoon – Decora (Yo La Tengo)
MP3: Spoon – Tear Me Down (Hedwig & the Angry Inch)


MP3: Spoon – Upwards at 45 Degrees (Julian Cope)
MP3: Spoon – This Damn Nation (the Godfathers)

MP3: Drake Tungsten – Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney)
MP3: Spoon – Irrigation Man (John Clayton)
MP3: Spoon – If You Say So (Laughingstocks)
MP3: Spoon – Party Up (Prince)
MP3: Britt Daniel – Cut My Friend Down (Julian Cope)
MP3: Britt Daniel – Not Me (Colin Newman)
MP3: Britt Daniel – Run, Lieutenant, Run (Crooked Fingers)

MP3: Drake Tungsten – Secrets (the Cure)
MP3: Drake Tungsten – Do the Manta Ray (the Pixies)

Oh yeah. And there’s this (he sings a snippet of Elvis Costello’s “Veronica.”)

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  1. I just discovered you today… way out here in Nevada. This Spoon cover of Rocks Off…. holy shit! im loving this. all this.

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