[MP3] new Spoon: “Writing To You In Reverse” (live) // and covers of Paul Simon, Rolling Stones & the Smiths

This is kind of a repost, considering that this recording is almost a year old and has been on YANP before. However, Spoon’s new EP Got Nuffin has me anxious to think, talk and post about the group… and since there’s not a song that’s cleared for me to post, I had to get a little creative.

MP3: Spoon – Writing To You In Reverse (new song; live at Pitchfork 2008)
This would certainly keep in Spoon’s tradition of debuting a song a year or more in advance of release that winds up being a single or featured prominently on their next album. I remember with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga we heard “Don’t Make Me a Target” live almost two years before it eventually came out. Now we’ve had “Writing To You In Reverse” over a year and still no release date for the next record (though apparently it might be finished this fall). But judging on the strength of this song and the quality of Got Nuffin, looks like this next record could continue the streak of great albums. I mean really, Spoon are one of the most consistently great bands out there.

And as an added bonus, here’s every live cover I have by Spoon. If you’ve got more, email ’em to me and I’d be thrilled to add them to the mix!

MP3: Spoon – Peace Like a River (Paul Simon)
MP3: Spoon – Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
MP3: Spoon – Panic (The Smiths)

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