[MP3] Kati Kovács: “Add Már Uram Az Es?t!” // off the compilation of ’60s Hungarian funk music Well Hung

I love all those crazy funk and psych compilations from around the world (like this or this), but the problem is really making the jump to snag them. I don’t exactly have a network of friends that are paying that close of attention to compilations of decades-old releases from non-English-speaking countries. But what I do have is the inclination to try them out when I get the chance. Any time one comes in to CD Central used, I pop it in the stereo first thing. Yesterday my coworker Matt got the drop on me and found a promo of Well Hung: 20 Funk Rock Eruptions from Beneath Communist Hungary. Totally mindblowing.

Picking a song from Well Hung was difficult, but really a win-win. There’s a few songs that sound like Funkadelic teaming with Os Mutantes, one that sounds like a song Bowie might have written impromptu with Captain Beefheart and a lot of others that sound just generally fantastic. Like I said before, it’s a mindblowingly great compilation if you’re even mildly interested in funk.

MP3: Kati Kovács – Add Már Uram Az Es?t!
Since I already established a pattern of comparing these songs to ones by bands with which you might be familiar, I’ll give it a shot with “Add Már Uram Az Es?t!” I think this song is probably closest to the melding of Betty Davis’ funk swagger and Os Mutantes’ melodic structure for the vocals. And man, if you don’t love call-and response between Kati’s voice, the guitar and the piano that starts at the 1:25 mark, I just don’t know what to do with you.

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I made it almost all the way through the writing of this post without noticing that the donkey has five legs. What a well-named compilation…

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