[BOOTLEG] Beastie Boys @ Bonnaroo 2009 – including new song “Too Many Rappers” with Nas

More photos + review coming soon!

The Beastie Boys’ set was my #1 most anticipated of Bonnaroo and they did not let me down. Unfortunately I only got to see the first four songs and the last 10 (so yeah, I missed the Nas appearance AND “Shake Your Rump.” Ugh). But luckily the internet is there to help, this time by supplying a complete, quality bootleg of the Beasties’ full performance at Bonnaroo. There are two instances of songs being cut in half, which explains why the MP3 of this new song with Nas from their upcoming “Hot Sauce Committee” comes to you in two pieces.

MP3: Beastie Boys + Nas – Too Many Rappers (pt1)
MP3: Beastie Boys + Nas – Too Many Rappers (pt2)

And here’s the complete set for you to download in a convenient ZIP file. It’s a great set, as you can generally expect from Bonnaroo, and a great play from start to finish. I plan on burning it to two CDs and bringing it in to work tomorrow for some sweet instore play.

ZIP: Beastie Boys – Bonnaroo 2009

Complete setlist after the jump. Photos and review of their show coming tomorrow (spoiler alert: I loved it).

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