[MP3] new Intelligence: “Moody Tower”

After spending a little while with the new Intelligence record, I can say that I love it as much as everyone else apparently loves Wavves. It doesn’t have the immediate grabbers that Deuteronomy did, but it’s still the superior record. It’s one that’s best listened to from start to finish, but I’ll still cut out one little selection to encourage you to pick it up. Here’s one of my favorites from it

MP3: Intelligence – Moody Tower
The title track from Fake Surfers is a little wacky and weird. “Moody Tower” is where you first realize that, as a pop fan, everything is going to be OK. This is still catchy music, it’s just wearing a fur coat of distortion and sweating itself crazy out in the sun. It’s kind of like some of the early Flaming Lips records, but very conscious of the current (mostly sucky) super-lo-fi revival.

Intelligence on Myspace

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