[VIDEO] Adrian Belew makes animal sounds with his guitar for Japanese commercial

As my Twitter followers might now, I found out this week that King Crimson member (and Talking Heads/Bowie/NIN/Zappa collaborator) Adrian Belew is from Covington, KY. Pretty big shock, considering I try to keep a mental tally of famous musicians from here. Well, wikipedia and an online friend both pointed me to these videos of Adrian in a Japanese commercial where he mimics the sound of various barnyard, household and even zoo animals with just his guitar and effects. Ge-ni-us.


[MP3] new Wye Oak: “Take It In”

I was a little slow to check out Wye Oak, but their new one finally roped me in. Robbie from These United States was always telling me that they’re a great band (and great people), so I knew I had to eventually listen. Glad I did. Their new record The Knot is out later this year on Merge.

MP3: Wye Oak – Take It In
Though they only bare a passing similarity, I’d say that fans of Viva Voce would be wise to check out this new song by Wye Oak. It’s got a dramatic push that reminds me of Viva Voce’s last (not newest) album.

Wye Oak on Myspace

Wye Oak: “Take It In” at SXSW

[VIDEO] Of Montreal covers Prince’s “Computer Blue”

To put “video” on the front of this post title is being a bit generous. Basically this is some halfway-decent audio with a video of the audience + stage from like 50 yards back at this past weekend’s Sasquatch festival. It’s enough to elicit a smile from Of Montreal diehards, but not enough to really judge the effectiveness of the cover. But with thousands in attendance, I’m hopeful we’ll get some good audio or video soon.

Ivana XL shares new demo “Radding” for a limited time

Ivana XL just posted a new demo on her Myspace from her latest recording session. She said it’s only going to be up in demo form for a little while, so I figured I’d be kooky and not rip/host the song for you to download here. If you feel like being slightly less honorable, that’s up to you. But either way, head over to her Myspace and check out “Radding.”

Ivana XL on Myspace

[MP3] The Agency: “Bumpers”

French pop music! It’s pretty overcast here in Lexington, so I hope that wherever you are, the weather is a little more suited to this sunny tune.

MP3: The Agency – Bumpers
“Bumpers” was a bit of a grower for me, but I can already tell that the chorus is going to be popping up in my head at inopportune moments. The downside to that is that I have no idea why these fine french fellows “despise bumpers.” Maybe this is a traditional french mechanic song? I can’t say. All I know is that it’s some good pop music.

The Agency on Myspace

[CONTEST] Win a Handsome Furs shirt from YANP & Insound!

If you’re anything like me, at first you thought the new Handsome Furs album was kind of weak. The first one was just soooo good. So you put it away and kind of forgot about it. But then about a month later, you pulled it back out and found that you loved it. Like, maybe year-end-list loved it. And now all you want is a sweet Handsome Furs shirt. Well, You Ain’t No Picasso and Insound are here to help.

MP3: Handsome Furs – I’m Confused

Insound had a bunch of shirts designed by Soundscreen Design and picked a few sites to give away a few. I dug the Handsome Furs design and love their music, so I was happy to get involved. Just head over to Insound and leave your name and email to be entered! We’ll pick a winner next week.

Head over to Insound to enter to win a Handsome Furs shirt!

Monolith Festival expands already awesome lineup with Girl Talk, M. Ward, Walkmen + more

It looks like Denver’s Monolith Festival is heading towards greatness again this year. They’ve been releasing this year’s lineup one artist at a time through their twitter feed which is a surprisingly great way to do it. This way I’m getting one bit of good news every day or two, which has the (intended?) effect of making me more excited than if they’d announced it all at once.

I waited a little while to post on what they’ve got so far in the way of a lineup, but with the addition of Cymbals Eat Guitars today, I felt like it was time. Here’s the Monolith 2009 lineup as we have it so far. No headliners have yet been announced, which is pretty wild considering we have the Walkmen and M Ward already.

Monolith 2009 lineup (so far…)
M Ward
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Method Man & Redman
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
Girl Talk
The Thermals
Deer Tick
The Glitch Mob
The Antlers
The Twilight Sad
Viva Voce
The Dandy Warhols
Harlem Shakes
Passion Pit
These United States
Frightened Rabbit
Pains of Being Pure at Heart

[VIDEO] Patrick Wolf: “Hard Times”

Here’s the new glow-in-the-dark video for Patrick Wolf’s “Hard Times” off his upcoming album The Bachelor. The video reflects Patrick’s dramatic shift on this song. I just got the record, so we’ll see if the rest of it matches up to this track. I’m not completely sold on the tune, but it’s definitely hooked me for repeated listens. But then again there were only one or two tracks on Magic Position that I immediately liked; the rest were slow burns.

The Bachelor is out digitally June 2 and in stores this August.

[MP3] new Fishboy: “Cobra Cobra” // stream three new songs off Fishboy’s “Nom” EP

For Fishboy’s new “Nom” EP, they recorded the vocals for a few songs and passed them off to their buddies and fellow Denon-ites the Om Nom Noms to create the backing tracks. The result is pretty sweet. Head over to their Muxtape to stream three — especially check out “Bricks part 1.”

Fishboy on Muxtape

And if you’re lazy, greedy or just a Muxtape-boycotter, here’s an MP3 just for you. I highly suggest grabbing Fishboy’s Albatross… album, but this EP is also a pretty sweet little record. Well done, Fishboy.

MP3: Fishboy – Cobra Cobra

UPDATE: Just heard from the band that they’ll be releasing the album as vinyl/digital only on Happy Happy Birthday to Me records on August 18. It’s got about five more songs that we haven’t heard, so keep your ears perked for more from that one!